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Friday, September 14, 2007

Wiki Mindmap Mashup and Beyond

Bob recently sent me a link for WikiMindMap. The site helps organize Wikipedia's vast amount of information in a mindmap. It's a mashup of Freemind and Wikipedia. Being a lover of mindmaps, I of course thought this was fantastic.

I also started thinking about doing this for corporate repositories and knowledge management systems. Perhaps it's already out there since I just haven't checked. What's fascinating to me about this is that it's not the content per se, but the relationship of content that is highlighted.

Imagine your entire corporate body of knowledge easily surfable via a mindmap. It's not just about searching for what you are looking for but surfing the map and "accidental" learning. Another add-on to this application might be to use "tag cloud" conventions that change the font size based on popularity of link/tags.
It would be interesting to see the topics/tags that are the real central nervous system to a comapny...

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