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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Web 2.0 an evolution of facilitation and not KM?

I recently had the pleasure to chat with David Ticoll on a variety of topics. One of the observations he made during our discussion was the concept that Web 2.0, may be the evolution of facilitation and not knowledge management as many people believe.

Within the company I work for, we definitely see the relationship between facilitation and next-generation collaboration tools (Enterprise 2.0). In fact, we've created a single organization that combines these areas.

As I thought more about this, the more I was convinced that Enterprise 2.0 really is an extension of facilitation. Although there is definite value in the digital retention of conversations & documents, that is more a secondary benefit. The holy grail for is really on the achievement of results impossible to accomplish individually. It's the true definition of collaboration, and the creation of new insight or innovation.

Perhaps it's semantics but knowledge management usually implies the ability to effectively retain, distribute and find specific information. This would be effective communication. There is a big difference as I've previously written about... Enterprise 2.0 isn't about communication.... It's about collaboration...

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