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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick Chat #5: Negation doesn't negate.

Negation isn't understood by the mind. Don't think of an elephant! I bet you just did. That's because simply negating something doesn't change the impact and visual it has on you. Those of you who are parents will know (should know) this. It's better to say "Stand over there" then it is to say "don't touch the stove". This came up in a discussion I had at a conference. Although not new to me, I found it a good reminder. Lawyers undoubtedly know this, as once a visual is created you can't simply "strike it"

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Anonymous said...

As Jim would say:
"You can't not do something".

Some people just finished Lent and in that you often have to give something up, but that focuses on a problem, so he starts doing something which is the opposite of what he would likely give up.