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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick Chat #1: The Number 3

No it's not Sesame Street but here is a quick chat I thought I'd share

I was chatting with Norm, and of the things we briefly touched on was the number "3" which has special significance in collaboration. I had shown him the drawing illustrating the difference between communication and collaboration, and he liked the 3rd box (innovation) as if there was something there but just on the periphery. It's symbolic of going beyond the sum of parts in providing a 3rd concept. 3 appears to be used in religious text as well. We'll often hear that "1+1=3". It also reminded me of a conversation I had with Catherine who sent me some dialogue from a recent documentary on the Blue Man Group in a scene where they are making music with sticks and tubes and that it didn't become magical until the 3rd person was introduced. What is the practical application? I'm not sure. Perhaps I've seen 1 to many Jim Carey movies.

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