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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Social Media Today!

Happy First Birthday Social Media Today (SMT)! I'm happy to be considered a featured blogger with SMT. It's an environment that offers such diverse and inspired dialogue on all things social media.

One of the things I love about SMT is the quality of the content. It is a moderated environment and Jerry & Robin do a great job on ensuring the most interesting and insightful articles get through.

As a blogger, who doesn't subscribe to the "I must blog every day" philosophy, SMT provides a means that I can share my thoughts and not be too concerned about the 'volume' of posts.

I absolutely think some of the most insightful minds in Enterprise 2.0 and social computing can be found there. Not only their articles, but their discussions across several topics in the community.

If you like this blog, and haven't popped over to SMT, I suggest you take it for a spin. While there, grab a slice of birthday cake too!

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