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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Global Collaboration Cue Card Project

What does collaboration look like to you?

That's a question my colleague Dan Rose has started asking participants of his collaborative sessions and his presentations. At the beginning of each session, he provides participants a blank cue card and asks them to illustrate what collaboration is. NO WORDS!

"words are in fact models that are loaded with assumptions and values and how communicating with graphics is an effective method for conveying underlying and unspoken meaning."

The pictures have been quite insightful, and Dan has decided to take this further by posting the pictures on Flickr and inviting everyone to join in. What are the common global themes? Are there global differences?

He's named this endeavour, "The Global Collaboration Cue Card Project". With so much talk around collaboration and the various "collaboration" technologies (i.e. social computing), it's nice to have a simple way to remind us what we're really after when we say "collaboration".

So enough "words" from me... Take a look and why not share what collaboration looks like to you.

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