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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Facebook Fatigue

I am tired.

I am tired of how much Facebook is discussed on the web 2.0 blogs out there. I'll be the first to admit that I am a Facebook addict and I've written several articles referencing it. But web 2.0 is so much more than Facebook.

As of late, it just seems to be everywhere. Perhaps it's the Microsoft investment, or the responses from Google on OpenSocial. Whatever it is, I am tired of it. To be honest, I really am bored by the recent direction Zuckerberg has taken. It just seems everything is tied to advertising and if Facebook is the poster child for web 2.0, I fear we're going to miss out on a lot.

I can't really blame them. Google stock continues to grow and advertising has been very very good to them. Why wouldn't Facebook follow suit? Perhaps I am just in a funk, and I will find Facebook enlightenment again. Although, I am starting to read other similar posts that have the same tone. Nicholas Carr has a good post, "The Social Graft" with his typical tongue-in-cheek style which also seems to question Facebook's direction (or was that arrogance?).

No doubt, there will be more to come. What do you think about Facebook dominance in web 2.0 discussions as of late? Too much? Too little? Don't care? Some questions to ponder as I close off yet another post about Facebook.

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Jevon said...

Couldn't agree more Rex!